Kiril is experienced  MFA  Sculptor and Fine Artist with Eastern European  Classical  training
Participation in International Shows in Europe and the Unites States. Artworks on display in
Museums and Private Collections, including David H. Koch  Publication in Major Art Catalogs and
                                                   Artist/ Master Sculptor

   Kirils art training begins in 1975 at the College of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria where he mastered classical traditions and
techniques of the European Masters. Kiril then went on to continue a six-year program with the Academy of Fine Arts in the
University of Sofia specializing in classical sculpture. With over 27 years experience Kiril has participated in international
shows throughout Europe and the United States.  Some of Kiril’s European exhibits include shows in Sophia, Bulgaria,
Ravena, Italy, and Lugano, Switzerland. Kiril has also exhibited at various exhibitions throughout the United States including
the National Sculpture Society in New York.  His artwork has been featured in publications and major art magazines such
   Believing that every artist should know the rules before they can break them, Kiril begins each piece of art with the
understanding and craftsmanship that 12 years of rigorous classical training has brought him. Working in various mediums
such as bronze, polyester, glass and even including his recent experimental materials, Kiril then continues his art with the
knowledge of realism coupled with his conceptual ideas.
   M.F.A                   Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Sculpture – Six Year Program
   B.F.A.                                     College of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture – Five Year Program